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The following scholarships are available through the Art Department at SRU. The scholarship awards will be determined by the quality of the work presented, presentation of portfolio, and student's written statement.

For the application forms and further information please contact the Art Department office at 724 738.2020

- Martha Gault Scholarship - for students studying art or art education

- Michael Changnon Scholarship - for students concentrating in photography

- Charles B. Hamilton Memorial Art Scholarship - two scholarships for juniors with emphasis on painting

- Wukich Family Scholarship - awarded to art students based on the merits of their portfolio

- A. Craig Succup Scholarship - for students with emphasis on metalsmithing

- Alison Como Memorial Scholarship - for BFA sophmore/junior with a 2.75GPA (or higher)and based on the merits of their portfolio

- Dr. Jayne E. Craig Scholarship - travel to Europe for the exchange program

- Elaine B. Taylor Memorial Scholarship - for non-traditional female students have earned 85 credits and committed to the Art Teacher Certification program

- J. Robert Bruya Scholarship: the student must be in his or her junior or senior year. The selection will be made based on the merits of the student’s portfolio. 



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