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Department of Dance 

 Frequently Asked Questions 



Here are some questions that are frequently asked by prospective students:

Does admission to the University guarantee my admission to the Department of Dance? No. The Department of Dance requires a separate audition. You must be accepted by both the University and the Department of Dance in order to be admitted by Slippery Rock University.

Do I need to apply to the University before the audition? You do not, but it is highly recommended that you do. It is very valuable to us in the Department of Dance to know if you have been accepted, because if you are wait-listed, we could be helpful in the admission process. Applying early can also help to ensure priority housing and early registration.  Click on the red "Apply Now" button in the lower left corner to access the application or visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

What does the audition include? All dancers who are auditioning meet with the department chair for an informational meeting, and will then meet with a representative from the Admissions Office. Prospective students will then take a ballet class and a modern class. There will also be time to meet with current SRU students to ask questions and get some advice on dancing at a university. A meeting with the chairperson may occur after the audition.

Do I have to perform a solo at the audition? No. You only have to show a solo if you send a video/DVD audition.

How many students audition per year and how many do you accept? Acceptance into the program is competitive.  We can have anywhere between 60-80 students audition for the dance program, and our target is to accept 25-29.

What is the focus of the dance program? The dance program is a modern dance program and is unique in that it focuses on performing, teaching and choreography, with sub-components of wellness for dancers and dance technology.  The dance major provides an excellent, well-rounded education that prepares students for careers in dance.

How often do dance majors dance in a week? Dance Technique courses are offered every day, Monday through Friday. Dance majors may train in six to nine classes per week depending on their schedule. Dancers can take modern, ballet, and jazz every semester, and world dance and improvisation during certain semesters. Additionally, many dance courses, such as Dance Composition I and II, Repertory, and Laban Movement Analysis require that students participate in dance activities. Residencies and rehearsals, which happen in the evenings and on weekends, guarantee that dancers have a full, busy schedule, and are dancing many hours every day.

How will I know what level of technique in which I will be placed? The Department of Dance faculty have a very sophisticated assessment process that is used at the audition and during every semester to determine technique level placement. This assessment procedure is described in the Dance Major and Minor Handbook, which you will receive once you are at student at Slippery Rock University. The dance faculty members will also review all assessment procedures during each semester.

Are there many opportunities to choreograph and perform? There are many opportunities to choreograph and perform at SRU. 

What degree will I graduate with if I major in dance? Slippery Rock University awards a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in dance. This degree requires the completion of both dance and liberal studies courses and provides a well-rounded education. The dance and liberal studies programs are an excellent combination that ensures that students will be successful in their future careers.

Can I double major at SRU? Yes. The Bachelor of Arts degree in dance is compatible with other academic disciplines at the University for students desiring a double major. Disciplines suitable, but not limited to double major considerations are athletic training, biology, communication, elementary education, English, exercise science, management, marketing, math, music, physical education, physical therapy, secondary education, sport management, theatre, and therapeutic recreation.

Once I am a student at SRU, will I have an advisor? Yes. If you are a dance major, a dance faculty member will be your advisor. You will meet on a regular basis with your advisor to register for classes and discuss any important issues that you may have. If you have another major, and dance is your second major, your advisor will be in your first major’s program. You will still need to meet with a dance faculty member before registration to ensure that you are taking the correct classes and staying on the dance sequence of courses.

What type of dance clothes should I wear to class? Dancers should be prepared for all types of dancing, and should have ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tap shoes and appropriate dance clothes. For ballet, pink, black, or tan tights with a dark leotard are required. For modern and jazz, students are allowed to wear any dance clothes, as long as they are tight fitting so that the body can be clearly seen. Hair is always worn up in a bun for ballet, but can simply be pulled back for modern, jazz and tap. There are special costumes for world dance that students rent or purchase when they take the course.

If I am interested in dance technology, what type of equipment and opportunities would be available to me? The Department of Dance and Slippery Rock University have state-of-the-art equipment for dance technology projects. The Department of Dance has its own dance technology lab for dance students’ use, as well as a performance space equipped for projection.

What is the campus like? Are there many activities on campus? The Slippery Rock University campus is beautiful, combining traditional architecture with new, modern buildings. The landscape is lovely, boasting trees, flowers and plants throughout campus, as well as ponds and excellent places to walk, run, hike and bike. The Student Government Association hosts many exciting events on campus, from lectures to rock concerts. There are also many departments on campus that hold events on a regular basis, such as the music and theatre departments. A quick look at the student newspaper, The Rocket, will let students know of all campus activities.  Additionally, SRU hosts the Kaleidoscope Arts Festival each year, which brings outstanding international artists to campus.  The university's Performing Arts Series features prominent dance companies every year.  Dance majors attend professional dance concerts every semester in Pittsburgh, presented by the Pittsburgh Dance Council.