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Department of Dance Videos

Department of Dance Performance Excerpts These video excerpts include performances during the annual Slippery Rock University Dance Theater (SRUDT) Winter Concert held in Miller Auditorium each January.

Rock Dance Company Video Rock Dance Company brings the art of dance into the community by performing in area schools districts, as well as senior centers and other community events. 

Featured Dance Student Videos

Dance Technology- Dance for the Camera:

  • In the Morning Light (2012)
    • Direction, Videography, and Choreography by Kelsey Shewbridge
      Performance by Kaitlyn Jane Dye
      Music by The Weepies
  • La Danse du Vent and des Pierres (2012)
    • Direction and Choreography by Catherine Danae Hayes
      Videography by
      Catherine Danae Hayes and John Hayes
      Performance by Catherine Danae Hayes
      Music by Catherine Danae Hayes
      Voice by Tom Daddesio
  • Portal (2012)
    • Videography by Heather Cumer
      Perforamance by Chalice Streitman
  • Present Company (2012)
    • Direction, Videography, and Choreography by Jessica Madden
      Performance by Kaity Deutch, Nola Nolen Holland, and Libby White
      Music by Tim Story
  • These Four Lines (2012)
    • Direction, Videography, and Choreography by Nicole Monville
      Performance by Nicole Altiere, Amanda Tarr, and Elanore Ferrara
      Music by Imogen Heap and Between Sheets
  • Wistful Demise (2011)
    • Direction and Videography by Emily Kennard
      Performance by Heather Cumer
      Music by The Decemberists
  • The Black Box Theory (2008)
    • Direction and Videography by Kayla Hersperger;
      Performance by Amie Davis, Eileen Martini, and Cathy Maschek Music by Divide by Pi