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 BSEd English Education 



Those with a passion for teaching are also welcomed in the English Education program. Students will work with the English and Education Departments in order to increase their knowledge of English as a subject and maximize their abilities as teacher. The program focused on secondary education, placing students in both western Pennsylvania and non-US schools for their student teaching experience.

By graduation, you will have gained a vast knowledge of rhetorical theory and linguistics and their relation to the development of literacy, demonstrated critical thinking skills, and helped younger students develop their proficiency with English Language Arts. Upon graduation, you will be awarded with a certification to teach English and related subjects.

Specifics for BSEd in English Education:

Program Requirements & Course Descriptions

BSEd English Education Curriculum Guide

Students who complete their degree in English Education will be prepared to do the following:

  • Apply composing processes and knowledge of rhetorical theory and linguistics to create various forms of literature
  • Acquire knowledge of diverse bodies of literature and their relationship to one another
  • Demonstrate and engage secondary students in a wide range of strategies to critically evaluate, appreciate, and make meaning of written, visual, and oral texts
  • Use English language Arts to help students develop a respectful familiarity with their own and other cultures and develop lifelong habits of critical thinking and judgment
  • Engage in reflective practices of teaching and assessment which respect the worth and contributions of all learners through ongoing familiarity with professional practice and discourse in English
  • Participate effectively in small and large group interaction
  • Understand the relationship between print and non-print media and their relationship to culture.


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