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 Literacy, Film, and Cultural Studies BA  



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Courses in our Literary, Film and Cultural Studies program show students the rigorous interdisciplinary methods academics use to interpret literary, visual, and historical texts within their cultural contexts. Students study canonical works by recognized American, British, and World authors, but also branch out to examine popular non-literary cultural artifacts. Cultural studies draws its methods from gender studies, economics, philosophy, history, and sociology. This rich and flexible program amply equips students in critical analysis and the standards of academic expression.

Specifics for BA in Literacy, Film, & Cultural Studies:

Literacy, Film & Cultural Studies Curriculum Guide (pdf)

Students who complete their degree in Literary, Film and Cultural Studies will be prepared to do the following:

  • Display a working familiarity with British, American, and World Literatures, their representative authors, historical periods, cultures and genres
  • Demonstrate a familiarity with and the ability to apply principle methods of literary analysis, understanding the basic assumptions and theoretical constructs that guide criticism in each case
  • Recognize and use the research tools and resources of the professions, successfully integrating such materials into interpretive arguments while properly documenting sources according to professional standards
  • Understand the writing process and demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas effectively to a variety of audiences, displaying a thorough knowledge of the conventions of standard edited English and the technologies that support communication
  • Demonstrate understanding that language and literature, as cultural artifacts, respond to and record the operations of politics, economics, philosophies and religious beliefs, and changes in technology, that literary expressions of diverse people record the value systems, modes of symbolic expression, and ways of knowing that give structure and meaning to human experience


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