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The Department of English 

 English Majors and Minors  



Majors and Minors


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Creative Writing (BS)

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Professional Writing (BS)

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Language & Literature (BA)

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Literacy, Film, & Cultural Studies (BA)

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English Education (BSEd)

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Film & Media Studies (minor)

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Literature (minor)

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Writing (minor)

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English Department Courses

099: Connecting Reading and Writing

102: College Writing

150: Writing to Discover

190: Experimental

195: Workshop

198: Selected Topic 

204: Composition and Rhetoric

205: Intro to Professional Writing

210: Interpreting Literature

217: Intro to Shakespeare

214: Film Analysis

220: Writing About Literature

225: Introduction to Creative Writing

230: Intro to Language & Linguistics

235: Writing for Non-Print Media

242: African-American Literature

243: Literature of the Women's Movement

244: Native American Literature

246: Latino Literature of the U.S.

248: Eastern Literature

249: Life/Lit/Service

260: Elementary College Latin I

261: Elementary College Latin II

288: Classic Theatre Tour

290: Experimental

295: Workshop

298: Selected Topic

305: Practicum: Teaching Writing

306: Technical and Scientific Writing

307: Writing for Electronic Media & Film

308: Advertising Copywriting

309: Advanced Professional Writing

311: Chaucer and Medieval Culture

312: Shakespeare

314: European Film

315: The Cinematic Review: Historical and Critical Writing

316: Asian Film

317: British Literature I

318: British Literature II

319: American Literature I

320: American Literature II

328: Young Adult Literature

331: Historical Development of the English Language

332: Modern English Grammer and Syntax 

336: Second Language Acquisition

338: Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction

339: Creative Writing: Fiction

340: Creative Writing: Poetry

360: Latin Language and Literature

389: Stratford Shakespeare Tour

390: Experimental

395: Workshop

398: Selected Topics

402: World Literature

403: Literary and Cultural Theory

409: Advanced Research Writing

410: Literature of the Environment

429: Grant and Proposal Writing

450: Internship

480: Literature Seminar

490: Independent Study

491: Senior Writing Project

495: Workshop

498: Selected Topics

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