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 Why Choose English? 



English Student

Students who choose English benefit from the flexibility and skills a degree in English affords. A degree in English will prepare you for careers in the following fields:

  • Teaching of English
  • Professional/Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing and Screenwriting
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Library Tech/Librarian
  • Mass Media and Public Relations
  • Proofreading/ Editing
  • Public Speaking

Our graduates pursue higher degrees in the following concentrations:

  • Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Studies

English majors appeal to employers in advertising, law, and non-profits. In fact, English majors’ strengths encompass many aspects of verbal and textual analysis and communication.

Students become adept at articulating themselves, assessing and responding to others’ ideas, and interacting with people with acuity, compassion, and focus. 

English teaches students how excel at the following activities:

  • Analyzing film, graphic novels, and other pop-cultural forms
  • Designing and implementing lesson plans that encourage enthusiastic peer response
  • Understanding how literature reflects the human condition broadly yet within embedded cultural and historical contexts
  • Writing poems and articles, even making videos and podcasts that authentically reflect your voice and creativity.

Our faculty members love teaching, and you’ll find that they want to connect with you, they want to understand your goals, and they will teach with innovation, skill, and energy to help you meet your goals. So check us out. You’ll be surprised at how many options a degree in English from SRU affords you.

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