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The Frederick Douglass Institute sponsers various exhibits on Slippery Rock University's campus throughout the school year. Check back for information regarding upcoming exhibits.

Past Events:

Black History Month Art Contest:

The Black History Month Art Contest, sponsored by the Frederick Douglass Institute and Bailey Library, was open to all students who were asked to submit a work of art that related to the themes of leadership, Pan-Africanism or Black history. Andrew McNamara won second place and $75 with the piece "Untitled." Josh Emery won first place with his piece "Saul Williams: I Ain't Afraid of You." He received $100 for first place and also won the honor of having his artwork featured on next year's Black History Month Fliers. Congratulations to the winners! Their work is featured below:



"Saul Williams: I Ain't Afraid of You"
by: Josh Emery

by: Andrew McNamara

Frederick Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton visit SRU for “Equality beyond Race and Gender”

March 12, 2009: This dramatic portrayal of both of these noted 19th-century advocates for abolition and women’s rights was held at the University Union on March 12th. Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner performed as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, which she has done for more than 20 years. Frederick Doug-lass was played by Fred Morsell who has done so since 1988. These historic figures were good friends through-out their lives, fighting for justice and equality for all people. For this program, the actors discussed the topic “Equality Beyond Race and Gender” and brought history to life at Slippery Rock University.