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Living-Learning Community

Exploring Leadership and Service Living-Learning Community:
The Exploring Leadership and Service LLC is a living/learning community open to first year and upper division students who share similar interest in diversity. Members of the community form a cohesive community of diverse students, talent faculty and staff who are committed to working together to deepen their understanding of diversity. As participants and staff live and learn together, they engaged in academic, social and civic actions that bridge social differences.  The Exploring Leadership and Service LLC will offer dialogues between faculty, students, residence life and student affairs staff as carefully structured conversations over an extended period among students of different social backgrounds.

The Exploring Leadership and Service LLC will consist of a community of students taking two or more classes together and providing each other with social and academic support, while professors integrate class content to broaden understanding.  Of course, building learning communities requires investments in faculty development and ongoing venues for faculty collaboration. Assessment continually informs and refines the implementation process, fueling reinvention and continuous improvement.

Faculty Fellows: 

Dr. Christophas Walker

Community Assistant:


Living Learning Program Coordinator

Jaime Russell