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The SRU History Department runs an internship program on a year-round basis as a course, HIST 450 for undergraduate students and HIST 750 for graduate students, titled History Internship. While not required, internships are a valuable component of many students’ education. A number of interns have gone on to hold professional positions in historical organizations, archives, and museums. Any student of good academic standing (including non-history majors) may pursue an internship; typically, juniors, seniors, and graduate students are accepted as interns.

Work Hours & Credit
Interns earn 1 hour of academic credit for ever 40 hours of work time. Students are also required to submit a log of hours worked, as well as an essay summarizing and evaluating their internship experience. Typical internships are for 3 credit hours, though more intensive placements earning 6 credit hours or more can be arranged.

The department does not provide funds to pay interns; however, some agencies do provide a stipend or hourly pay.

The department maintains standing agreements with a number of institutions that provide students with a range of experiences, including work in:

  • historic preservation
  • museum exhibit research and display
  • archive management and research
  • historical archaeology
  • oral history projects
  • historical consulting

In addition to the department’s prearranged agreements, students can work with the coordinator to establish an agreement with almost any appropriate organization, either locally or nationally.

In recent years, students have interned with a variety of organizations, including:

African American Museum of Philadelphia
Butler County Historical Society
Corbis Film Preservation Facility
Fort Ligonier Museum
Fort Pitt Museum
Lawrence County Historical Society
MainStreet Butler
Meadowcroft Rockshelter & Museum of Rural Life
Mercer County Historical Society
The Old Stone House
York County Heritage Trust

In addition, SRU’s History Department and the Harmony Museum have established the David Dixon Internship, an ongoing placement which honors the late Dr. David Dixon, a long-time SRU professor and scholar of Western Pennsylvania history.  The internship includes a $500 stipend.

A typed Internship Registration Form needs to be completed and approved prior to start of internship.  Internship Registration Form can be found on line under Academic Records Department Webpage under the "Forms" dropdown. 

Faculty Contact
To learn more about internship requirements and opportunities, contact the department’s internship coordinator.

Dr. Aaron Cowan
Department of History
212M Spotts World Culture Building
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
(724) 738-2409

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