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Friday April 24, 5:30 PM

Sheehy Theatre

$5 suggested donation 

A poetry/jazz performance group, Blisstaken focuses on the creation of art through improvisation as well as some standard blues and jazz tunes. Original poetry is read out loud while jazz saxophone and guitar play melodic accompaniment. The art occurs as the jazz playing and the spoken word are combined in new ways for both the players and the audience. Once described as “…an organic sound machine”, Blisstaken relies on the spontaneous evolving nature of jazz and poetry to create an environment of vulnerability, hope, and joy. This year, the ensemble will feature Jeff Berman, multi-instrumentalist (vibraphone, mountain dulcimer, percussion, and drums), improvising artist, composer, and educator whose work reflects his global vision; Mike Wienand, the “Human Juke Box” and former student of Joe Negri; and Andy Johnson whose 40 years of performances with poetry/jazz span from Antigua, Guatemala to Foxburg, PA.