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 Student Exhibit and Art Moves Beyond Galleries 




Thursday, April 24 – Thursday, May 1

Lobby, University Union

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 24, 5 p.m.


This annual event of the Kaleidoscope Arts Festival presents the latest artworks produced by students in the Art Department. The exhibition includes works in a wide variety of artistic media. As in previous years, this event is organized by the Martha Gault Art Society. The exhibit is available every day.


Thursday, April 24, 4 p.m.

University Union 205

Public art has never been more accessible. An internet live stream brings the “radical self-expression” of the annual Burning Man festival into living rooms around the world. Contemporary documentary film-making has made it possible for anyone with a DVD player or a streaming service to experience the street art of England’s Banksy, the collective of artists that made up New York’s Beautiful Losers, or the global art project spawned by the 2011 TED Prize winning French street artist JR. In this new realm of direct public expression, traditional notions of galleries, dealers, critics and patrons have been all but abandoned. In their place is a new dynamic of direct interaction between the artist and the public in settings ranging from high-density urban areas to remote deserts. Underpinning this great variety of new forms of expression is the shared goal of taking art directly to the people as an agent of social awareness and change.

Visiting Art History Assistant Professor, Eric Schruers will share his perspectives on the recent trend of contemporary art moving outside the context of museums and galleries. Dr. Schruers presented this talk at the annual conference of the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) in Greensboro, North Carolina in November 2013.