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 Frequently Asked Questions  



Answers for frequently asked questions of our students

Q1. Who takes SRU ESL Programs?

A1. The SRU ESL Programs are for everyone who wants to learn English language for many different purposes.

Q2. Who takes which ESL Program?

A2. The SRU ESL Programs have four options;

Option 1
if you want to study English to apply for Slippery Rock University;
à Take EAP course,

Option 2
if you want to study English for business;
à Take Business English in ESP course,

Option 3
if you want to have English teacher training;
à Take English teacher training in ESP course

Option 4
if you are under 15 and want to study English during summer/winter;
à Take English Camps

Visit "Programs of Study" for more information

Q3. Do I have to take all of the five levels?

A3. No. Before you start the SRU ESL Programs, you will take a placement test. Your level will be decided by the test score.

Q4. Does SRU provide transportation from the Pittsburgh International airport?

A4. No. But there is a shuttle service by Airport Orbit. Visit their Website, for more information.

When you make a reservation with Airport Orbit, you must inform SRU ESL Programs of your reservation.



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