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"Hello there! My name is Sarah Schierberl and I am a recent graduate, May of 2013 specifically, of Slippery Rock’s Modern Languages and Cultures Department.  Having majored in both History and Spanish, I am truly passionate about learning and understanding different cultures.  Learning the language of a culture allows one to fully immersion within that group and permits you to become a part of that culture. Currently, I am teaching English in South Korea for a small university in Daegu (Korea’s 3rd largest city).  I do not speak Korean but I am slowly starting to learn the language.  Having studied Spanish, I am more confident learning Korean and I am comfortable asking what may seem like silly questions and making a fool of myself in another language.  In addition, I can empathize with my students.   I understand how difficult it can be to simply utter a short phrase or even say “Hello” in another language. Learning a second language is humbling yet extremely satisfying and it gets easier the more you learn.  Learn a language, learn a culture, expand your horizons. I promise you it will change the way you think and communicate with people.  It may even change your life."


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