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 Career Opportunities for Students in Modern Languages 




Students of modern languages should look forward to an array of career options in Business, Journalism, Teaching (domestic or international), Diplomatic Corps, Court Interpreter, Translator National Intelligence (CIA, FBI, National Security), Library and Information Science and so much more. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your career goals with your advisor or the department chairperson.

The greater intellectual curiosity that you will acquire and the ability to express yourself in another language will prepare you for the challenges of the global community in which we live. Only 5.6 percent of the world’s population speaks English. The study of modern languages will develop your linguistic skills, prepare you to better understand the culture or cultures associated with them, and generally broaden your horizons.

What are you waiting for? Explore the Modern Language and Cultures web site and start learning another language now!

Double Majors

Many of our students combine a language degree program with another major. Combined with a second major, your language skills will open doors to great opportunities that you can choose from. 

Simply put, students who merge majors in this way position themselves for greater success in their chosen field.  Majors most frequently combined with a foreign language include, but are not limited to: Criminal Justice, Political Science, History, and Business.

Are you an ROTC student?

If you are in the ROTC program, you should know that you can earn $250 per Credit Hour ($750 per 3 credit class) Up to $3000 per year. If you want more Information stop by the SRU Army ROTC Department at the Lowry Center or check out their webpage.

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