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All language students are encouraged to participate in informal conversation groups at least once per week.  Groups generally meet for 1/2 hour and run every day of the week.  This is an excellent way to improve your oral proficiency--our department goal is for all majors to achieve Advanced Low.  Conversation classes also have scheduled conversation groups that run concurrently with those classes.

The MLC department strongly encourages a study abroad experience for its students.  Besides the opportunity to improve your speaking and listening skills, it provides you with some "street cred" and shows potential employers that you have first-hand experience in another culture.

MLC students are encouraged to install the US-International keyboard, so that they can use many kinds of software in all the languages they know (including accents and upside down punctuation).

SRU hosts several language honorary societies.  Belonging to a language honorary is a prestigious item for your resume. Click on the links to find out more.

Links for Current Students:

Conversation groups (French, Russian, Spanish)

Installing US-International Keyboard

Policy on Students with Disabilities


Study Abroad Programs

Language Requirement for BA

Language Lab

Language/Culture Clubs:

   Arabic Club

   Chinese Club

   French Club

   German Club

   Japan Club

   Korean Club

   Russian Club

   Spanish Club

Language Honorary Societies:

   Pi Delta Phi (French)

   Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish)

   Dobro Slovo (Russian)

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