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 German Club  



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Duwayne Dockter
Faculty Assistant:  Dr. Werner Lange

President: S. Stanley Perko
Vice President: Julia Beblo
Treasurer: Sean Melvin
Secretary: Jessica Borosky

Fall 2013 

Meetings:    BSB 120 3:30pm
October 1
                    October 15 (With Food)
                    October 22
                    October 29
                    November 12
                    November 19
                    November 26   

Activities:   October 11, Bonfire, 8pm-11pm, Location TBA
                    October 25, Movie Night, 8pm, BSB Auditorium (RM 111)
                    October 28-29, Bake Sale, Location TBA
                    November 14, German Dinner, 6pm, Location TBA
                    November 22, Movie Night, 8pm, BSB Auditorium (RM 111) 
                    November 25-26, Bake Sale, Location TBA

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