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 Language Lab Rules & Regulations 



The lab opens the second week of classes.  The lab will close Thursday evening during the last week of classes.  It is not open during Final Exams Week.

In the Fall, the lab is closed the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  In the Spring, the lab will close Thursday evening prior to Midterm Recess and reopen on the Monday following Midterm Recess.  The lab will close Tuesday evening prior to Spring Weekend Break and reopen the Monday following Spring Weekend Break.

The lab is only for Modern Languages and Cultures students to do work related to their language classes.

You may only print language related materials.  Please be environmentally conscious and do not waste paper.

No food or drinks are allowed.

You must sign in with the lab assistant and leave your ID with him or her until you leave the lab.

Checked out materials are due back overnight, except for books, which can be kept for 3 weeks.

Lab hours are as posted.  Access will not be granted for use during non-lab hours.

Please report any malfunctions to the lab assistant.