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 Language Requirement for BA Degree 



BA degree program language requirement
Students in Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs will demonstrate competency (103 course level) in a modern language, as a graduation requirement. Some Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs also have this requirement. These credits may not be counted toward the Liberal Studies Program (see section on Liberal Studies). These credits do count in the 120 semester hours minimum required for the degree. Students completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree who have completed the language competency (103 course level) can use any additional credits in the same language or another language in the Liberal Studies Program.

Languages fulfill Liberal Studies requirements
Students not pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree who successfully complete modern language courses may use three credits toward requirements in the
Goal area of the Global Community Block as well as three more credits in the Enrichment area of the Liberal Studies Program.
Freshmen with a high school background in a modern language are urged to take the placement test in the language prior to registration for language courses or have an instructor determine the right level.


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