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 Latin American Studies 



Certificate in Latin American Studies with Language Requirement for BA and BSED Spanish Majors (minimum 15 hours).


I. Prerequisites for the Certificate: (0-15 hours).  Exemption is possible from these courses according to performance on the placement test.  CLEP, AP and OPI credits are accepted.

 SPAN 84:101 Spanish Language and Culture I

SPAN 84:102 Spanish Language and Culture II

SPAN 84:103 Spanish Language and Culture III

SPAN 84:201 Spanish Conversation I

SPAN 84:220 Reading in Spanish

II. Civilization Required Courses:  (6 hours).  Two of the following courses:

SPAN 84:307 U. S. Spanish Speaking Minorities

SPAN 84:326 The Civilization of South America Precolumbian to 19th Century

SPAN 84:328 The Civilization of South America 19th Century to Present

III. Literature Required Credits:  (6 hours).  Two of the following courses:

 ENGL 24:246 Latino Literature of the US  

SPAN 84:332 Spanish-American Lit. 19th Century to Present

SPAN 84:432 Spanish-American Lit. Pre-Columbian to 19th Century

 IV. Electives: (3-4 hours).  One or two of the following courses:

DANC 62:122 Jazz Dance I (1 credit)

G&ES 32:201 Latin America and the Caribbean 

HIST 44:351 Latin America to 1830

HIST 44:352 Latin America since 1830

Faculty Advisor Latin American Certificate:
Dr. Ana María Caula