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 Online Arabic Course 



Arabic Language and Culture 101
Online for Criminal Justice Practitioners

SRU/ Fall 2013 
Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Instructor Razak Abedalla

هيا بنا لنتعلم اللغة العربية

Welcome to the Arabic Program
Learn Arabic!

Program Information

Arabic Language and Culture 101 online is designed to meet the needs in several areas of criminal justice, national security, law-enforcement, political science, art and humanities, public policy, Middle Eastern business, public and private security, military science, FBI, CIA, etc. Students will learn about Arabic culture skills, survival language, and living in the Arabic world.

Course Structure

The class will be taught in a virtual classroom where the instructor and the students can log in at the same time to create a synchronous environment. The instructor and the students will interact throughout the class period. Students will be able to join the class from anywhere and will have permanent access to class resources in a learning platform. Class sessions will be recorded, but attendance is required.

SRU students can fulfill the BA language requirement by taking the 3 semester sequence in Arabic Language and Culture. 

They can also count an Arabic course as a Goal course in the Non-US Global Community Block for Liberal Studies.  Classes at SRU are taught by experienced, effective teachers. 

Why Arabic?

The US government has designated Arabic as one of the strategic languages. It is among the six most spoken languages in the world in terms of number of native speakers and it is the official language of twenty three countries. Arabic is also the language of Islam and it is understood by over one billion Muslims around the world. Given the state of world politics, it has become crucial to learn more about this culture, their history, and to learn their language.

The National Strategic Language Initiative instituted in 2006 promotes the learning of Arabic through a number of funded projects. These include support for language courses from beginning to advanced levels, study abroad programs, intensive instruction opportunities, teacher exchanges, and professional development. Currently, there is a shortage of workers fluent in the Arabic language with knowledge about the culture. Those fluent in Arabic can find jobs in a variety of fields: foreign service and intelligence, education, translation and interpretation, journalism, business and industry, finance and banking,
consulting, among

We should not forget that the Arab world is also extremely important in the global economy. The Arab region with its growing population constitutes a significant export market for the US. In order to do business understanding of the language and culture of the people is essential to be effective.

Instructor Razak Abedella

Slippery Rock University
Dept. Modern Languages & Cultures

006 Strain Behavioral Science Bldg
Slippery Rock University
of Pennsylvania

Slippery Rock, Pa 16057 U.S.A.

Telephone: 724 738-2398
Fax: 724 738-2263
E-mail: razak.

Department of
Modern Languages
& Cultures

119 Strain Behavioral Science Bldg

Department Phone:  724-738-2062
Fax: 724-738-2263

Dr. Ana María Caula, Chair

Ms. Deb Kosciuszko, Secretary

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