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 Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish honorary 



Spanías Didagéi Proágomen

Capítulo Epsilon Nu

Slippery Rock University

The requirements for initiation are:  to have a 3.2QPA overall, to have a 3.00 QPA in Spanish, to have 18 hours of Spanish courses including one civilization or literature course at the 300 level or above.  You may be currently enrolled in the civilization or literature course or other course necessary to reach 18 credits.  Students who began in 103 need 15 credits; students who began in 200/201/220 need 12 credits.  Special arrangements may be made for transfer students.

Initiation fees are $40.00.  Once you have been initiated, you are a member for life.  There are no further dues or fees.

CLICK HERE to see photos from past initiations.

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New initiate, 2013:

Kaitlin Krenn




2014 Sigma Delta Pi Application