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Music Therapy Intern: "I decided to attend Slippery Rock for my schooling, and little did I know that this would become the best decision that I have ever made. From the friends that I have made, the opportunities that I have received, the clients that I have been honored to work with (and learn from), and the knowledge that I have gained - the SRU Music Therapy program has helped me to develop into someone I would have never imagined. Dr. Hadley and Dr. Hahna have not only challenged me beyond belief, and offered me opportunities to learn and think in ways that were previously completely unknown, but they have begun to know me even more than I think I know myself. They listen, they care, and they aren't afraid to truly let their guards down in order to help you learn. I could not have asked for anyone better to have learned from, and now consider them not just professors, but family."

Music Therapy Alumna: "As I'm getting ready to make the transition into the professional world, I can't say enough about how Slippery Rock's Music Therapy program prepared me for this next step. I think the most important thing I learned over and over again is to simply "trust the music." I don't know how many times I've heard it, but everyday I believe it more and more. Best of luck to those beginning their MT journeys."

Music Therapy Freshman: "Music therapy is a lot more than I initially thought it was. I have learned a lot in just one semester here at SRU. There's so much more to learn about the profession and different ways to use music to help heal others. The music therapy process is extensive, but very rewarding. I have seen clinicals [music therapy practicum sessions] that show just how powerful of a healing tool music is. There are so many ways to use music and interpret it. There are so many that it seems the possibles are endless. Through the learning process, I've got to know just how far I'm willing to go to help people and just how much I really love helping others and making music. I can't wait for the years to come and all the doors to open and for me to finally be a music therapist."

Music Therapy Sophomore: "I have had just one clinical [music therapy practicum] so far, but it has shown me this semester that music is the most important tool we have as music therapists. It sounds obvious, but I didn't realize how much talking we do without thinking or realizing. When we increased music in our sessions and decreased normal verbalizing, the difference was astounding. Our client's response was practically immediate, and it was such a clear demonstration of what we can give to people that no one else can: MUSIC. I have learned that we need to take full advantage of this and not forget that we are called music therapists for a reason. It's been a great clinical, and I look forward to my new assignment next semester to keep learning."

Music Therapy Senior: "Being a music therapy major for four years has given me a new perspective on music, music therapy in general and even myself. The biggest change for myself is who I am as a person. I have felt that I have been a caring person before college, but being a music therapy major has shown me a different side of myself - a side of myself who wants to give to others the gift of music and allow them the opportunities that music gives to them. Music is a common language among men and women and showing them the positive aspects of music is an aspect of music therapy that always brings a smile to my face." 

Music Therapy Post-Baccalaureate Student: "It's quite amazing to me how much I have learned about music therapy since entering the program in the fall but also feel like I am just scratching the surface. I've learned how many and diverse the populations served by music therapy are, including adults and children with all types of disabilities, such as physical, intellectual, emotional and behavioral. I've learned that end of life care is a vitally important service that MT's offer. I've learned that pain management, relaxation and rehabilitative interventions, such as gait training, are part of music therapy. Music therapy is a very broad field and I look forward to continuing my studies next semester." 

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Featured Student:
Ashley Taylor
Music Therapy Major
Featured Student: Ashley Taylor

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