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 Ethics Bowl 



The SRU Ethics Bowl
The first SRU Ethics Bowl is tentatively scheduled for Saturday March 28, 2015. Winning Teams should be eligible to represent Slippery Rock University at the 2015 Center States or Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl

What is an Ethics Bowl?
Developed by the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE), Ethics Bowl is a collegiate competition in which teams of students debate important ethical issues in a friendly competition. A number of universities and colleges across the United States host Ethics Bowl competitions and assemble teams to participate in regional and national competitions.

Rather than focusing on formal debate skills, judges score teams on the quality of their arguments. In particular, teams are judged on (1) their understanding of the facts of the case, (2) the extent to which they clearly identify and thoroughly discuss the central moral dimensions of the case, (3) the extent to which they articulate and employ clear moral principles, and (4) their awareness and thoughtful consideration of opposing viewpoints.

Who Can Compete?
The competition is open to all Slippery Rock undergraduate students

Moderators and Judges
Faculty, staff,  and adminstrators, as well as members of the community can also participate by serving as moderators and judges. There will be a short (1-2 hour) training session for moderators and judges a few weeks before the Ethics Bowl. If you are interested, send email to with contact information and any questions that you have.

To sign up for the 2015 SRU Ethics Bowl, email the names of 3-5 students and the name of a faculty mentor to The deadline for registration is November 30.

If you would like to participate, but are not a part of a team, email us so that we can find a team for you

After registering teams will be given 8 cases involving a variety of ethical issues. (These cases are typically spelled out in 1 page or less. See  the link below under sample cases). In preparation for the event, teams will meet regularly to research, analyze, discuss, and develop responses to these cases. During this time students meet with a faculty mentor to discuss the cases.

Competition consists of a number of matches in which two teams go head to head. During the matches, two teams sit across from each other at tables. As the match begins the following occurs:

  • a moderator presents the defending team with a question regarding one of the ethical cases
  • after deliberating for a short time, the defending team is given 7 minutes to offer a response
  • the opposing team then has five minutes to offer a response to the defending team
  • the defending team then has 5 minutes to respond to the opposing team’s response
  • both teams are given the opportunity to respond to questions from judges
  • the judges tally their scores, and the teams reverse roles for a second case

Sample Cases
2013 Regional Ethics Bowl Cases

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