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 The Model UN/NATO Club: Student Organization 



The Model UN/NATO CLUB:  seeks to prepare students of any major to participate in National Model United Nations and Model North Atlantic Treaty Organization Conferences.  These conferences are academic simulations of international bodies that aim to educate participates about currents events,
  diplomacy, and the agendas of certain countries within these bodies.  Participants research and role-play   a country, investigate international issues, and eventually debate,     deliberate, and develop solutions to real-world problems.  Members of the club have recently participated in the UPMUNC Conference in Philadelphia, as well as the National Model NATO Conference in Washington, D.C., where students have had the opportunity to explore the city as well as meet with diplomats from the country which they represent.  All students are welcome to attend meetings of the club.  Please contact the Political Science Department for days and time.

Fall 2013 Meetings

Every Monday at 4 pm
Room 200, Spotts World Culture
for more information contact
President, Veronica Cardello,
Dr. George Brown,



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