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 Dr. Heather Frederick  



 Dr. Heather Frederick
 Assistant Professor

Heather Frederick

  "Dr. Heather Frederick received her PhD in political science from West Virginia University and her BA from Hollins University.  She regularly teaches courses in American Government, including The Presidency, Congress, and American National Government.  Dr. Frederick also serves as the pre-law advisor and offers courses in The Courts, Civil Liberties, and Constitutional Law.  She also recently developed new classes in Civil Rights, The Politics of Race , and Gay and Lesbian politics.  She is known by her students as a fun and informative lecturer, and by her upper-level majors as a tough, demanding, and thorough professor.  She has taught at Slippery Rock University since 2005."

Fall 2014 Office Hours  

Tues/Thurs ..... 9 am - 10 am
Fri ..... 9 am - 10 am

Fall 2014 Schedule

American National Government  (crn:  9356, 9358)
American National Government online (crn:  11104)
Civil Rights Seminar ( crn:  11105)


Dr. H. Frederick
112-E, Spotts