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 Dr. Richard Martin 



Dr. Richard Martin

"Dr. Richard Martin is the political theory professor for the department.  He teaches an introduction to political theory course for the general student body.  This course introduces the concepts of ideology and the perennial questions of political discourse:  political obligation, the nature of freedom and liberty, the role of the citizen and the nature of the relationship between ruled and rulers.  He also teaches a history of political thought, Plato throught the Middle ages; modern political thought, Hobbes through the middle of the 19th century, and contemporary political thought including such contemparary writers as Camus, Rawls, Heidegger, Walzer, Nozick, and Arendt.  Dr. Martin also teaches two courses that might be called applied courses in political theory.  One of the courses deals with the Vietnam War era and the profound political turmoil and change that time produced for our country.  The other course is on the Holocaust.  This course deals with many of the same questions mentioned above.  What are the obligations of citizens in a state?  What function may political violence serve in a particularly awful time in human history?  What can we expect people to do under the conditions of terror?  Dr. Martin's research and public service has dealt and continues to be concerned with human rights issues and how one educates a citizenry for the protection of those rights.

Spring 2015                         Spring 2015
Office Hours 

   Mon/Wed/Fri                           Intro to Political Theory
     1 pm - 2 pm

          Wed                                Modern Political Thought
      3 pm - 4 pm
         Thurs                                    The Holocaust 
  10 am - 11 am                       

Dr. R. Martin
112-B, Spotts


The Annual Holocaust Remembrance Program 2015

When:  April 7
Where: Smith Student Center
Time: 4 p.m.

More information coming soon...