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 Dr. Daniel McIntosh  




Daniel McIntosh
Associate Professor

"Dr. Daniel McIntosh (University of Denver 1994) specializes in international relations and global security issues.  He teaches classes related to international relations, foreign policy, international security, international law, and political economy.  He is a member of the International Studies Association, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and the International Institute for Strategic Studies.  His most recent publication, "The Transhuman Security Dilemma," is forthcoming from the Journal of Evolution and Technology.  He enjoys games and simulations, in class and out.

Fall 2014 Office Hours                        Fall 2014 Schedule
            Mon/Wed                                 International Relations
    10:30 am - 12:30 pm                         (crn:  9389, 9392)

           Tues/Thurs                                     Foreign Policy
          2 pm - 3 pm                                      (crn:  11110)

                                                   United Nations International Law
                                                                  (crn:  10252)

Political Science Department

Dr. D. McIntosh
112-A, Spotts