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 Fall 2003 - Spring 2004 



Tales of the Lost Formicans
By Constance Congdon
Directed by Laura Smiley

Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare
Directed by David Skeele

In SRU’s production of Shakespeare’s comic masterwork, the audience was transported to a winter-wonderland Illyria on the “twelfth night” of Christmas, where mistaken identities, practical jokes and out-of-control revelry combined to turn the everyday world topsy-turvy.

Double Bulldog
By David Skeele
Directed by David Skeele

For Denny Davis, being made president of his neighborhood Christian militia is a dream come true. But the dream quickly becomes a nightmare when his charismatic second-in-command proposes to raise the stakes with a new mission: the assassination of a Marilyn Manson-style shock-rock band. And when Denny suffers an attack of conscience, the two men begin a struggle for control of the group, a battle with devastating consequences for all of them. David Skeele wrote and directed this black-comic psychological thriller.

Diana of Dobson's
By Cicely Hamilton
Directed by Laura Smiley

Diana of Dobson’s, first performed in London in 1908, was cleverly labeled as a romantic comedy by its author, Cicely Hamilton and became instantly popular. Miss Diana Massingbred, a live-in shop assistant for Dobson’s Drapery Emporium returns to the dormitory after yet another grueling day, working for a starvation salary. She and her four dorm mates are able to drop their affectedly pleasant demeanors and the neat and trim appearances of their costumes once they reach this haven, drab as it is. What unfolds are the distinct personalities of each woman, each able to define her situation. Their choices to gain freedom from this sweatshop labor are few.

What happens for Miss Diana Massingbred is an unexpected windfall and the opportunity to leave this life forever. The 300£ she gains are the equivalent to 23 years of her salary at Dobson’s. Instead she chooses to live the life that money can buy: fine food, fancy Parisian dresses, hob knobbing with the rich-but even more than that: exploring the power that money can buy.

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