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Department of Counseling and Development  

 Community Counseling - Counseling Older Adults  



Counseling Older Adults is a unique field which attracts individuals who have profound respect for older adults and those who view the later years as just as significant as early stages of life.  Currently there does not exist many graduate programs designed to prepare professionals to address the myriad of issues challenging older adults.  Aging is a multidisciplinary field and requires knowledge which targets the multiple dimensions of aging.  By 2030, approximately 1 in 5 Americans will be age 65 or older and this older population will continue to grow steadily beyond 2050.  This growth requires effective practitioners to enhance the quality of life for older persons by assisting older persons with navigating new roles, resolving long standing issues, managing life transitions and challenges, exploring new opportunities and advocacy. Most organizations which provide specialized services for older adults will have opportunities for employment.  Some of these organizations include, but are not limited to:  human service agencies, acute and long term psychiatric facilities, retirement communities, geriatric centers, adult day care facilities, outpatient clinics, senior adult centers, housing developments, long term care environments, hospices, and businesses which promote services to seniors. Fieldwork sites will also provide potential employment opportunities.
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