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Department of Counseling and Development  

 Mission & Philosophy Statements 



Mission Statement: The Department of Counseling and Development trains practitioners to deliver quality services to clients and students and to be reflective, ethical, and competent in serving their diverse community. Department programs include Community, School Counseling and Student Affairs in Higher Education. We offer exemplary programs to a diverse group of students as well as in-service and continuing education to post-Master's students. Our students are prepared according to professionally accepted standards and where appropriate, for licensure/certification in their field of study.

Departmental Philosophy: We believe that human beings are growth oriented proactive self-healers.  That is, we act in what is our own perceived best interest.  Individuals make sense out of a diverse world based on their own development and within the context of human systems (e.g., family & community).  The curriculum and expected competencies of our programs is guided by these assumptions.  We strive to prepare practitioners for the field who meet the highest standards of professional training.  The emphasis is on personal development, acquisition of skills and the construction of knowledge.  As such, we value diversity and life experience in our students.  You will find that our courses and the teaching do not focus on accumulating factual content.  Instead, you will be provided a variety of experiential and interactive activities aimed at promoting personal development, meaning making and the development of relevant skills.


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