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Department of Counseling and Development  

 Community Counseling - Youth Counseling 



Our Youth Counseling program is designed to effectively train those who have a passion for working with young clients.  The program focuses on developing the ability to work with youth  from preschool ages through childhood and adolescence.  The course on lifespan development prepares students to assess developmental progress from a wide range of theoretical perspectives.  In addition, youth counseling specialists take 2 pre-field courses.  The first specialty course examines the function of youth adaptive behaviors from the perspectives of post-modern counseling theory, DSM diagnostics, developmental, ecological-systems, and family systems theories.  The second youth specialty course focuses on a variety of youth counseling approaches, including play therapy, reality therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused strategies and parent training.  The Youth Counseling specialty courses utilize case analysis, live role-play, and digital recording to illustrate the various modes of assessment and counseling. These courses are taken prior to beginning fieldwork.  Fieldwork may take place in a variety of settings including community counseling agencies, youth and family treatment centers, inpatient and residential treatment settings. Interns and alumni consistently report that the combination of specialty courses prepared them for fieldwork and post-graduation employment in counseling a wide range of children in terms of age, developmental level, and emotional/behavioral difficulties.
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