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Department of Physical Education 

 Dr. Joanne Leight, Assistant Department Chair   




Dr. Joanne Leight is Associate Professor of Physical Education at Slippery Rock University. She also serves as Assistant Chairperson. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from SRU in Health and Physical Education, with an emphasis in Athletic Training, and went on to earn her Master of Science degree at the Rock, in Sports Study (Sport Psychology / Sport Sociology). She earned her doctoral degree from Duquesne University in the area of Educational Leadership, with an emphasis and certification in Instructional Technology. 

Dr. Leight began her career at Westminster College, in New Wilmington, PA, where she taught 13 different courses and coached softball (9 years), volleyball (5 years) and soccer  (1 year). She has been a faculty member at SRU since 1996 and also served as Head Softball Coach from 1996 to 2003. 

Dr. Leight has taught 21different courses at Slippery Rock. She has developed five new courses at the Rock: PE 202: Technology for Physical Education Teacher Education, PE 702: Technology for Physical Education, PE 357: Striking and Fielding Activities and Games, PE 369: Philosophy and Psychology of Coaching, and PE 166: Coaching Practicum.  She also created the Coaching Minor and serves that program as coordinator. She has facilitated spring break learning experiences for students in the minor, taking them to London, England (2009), Rome, Italy (2011) and Ireland (2013). She has supervised student teachers in Mexico City, Mexico (2005), and Dublin, Ireland (2008, 2009). She is also faculty advisor for the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Club and the annual PETE Mini Convention. 

Dr. Leight has a passion for technology. She serves on numerous technology-related committees at SRU and also serves on the NASPE Pipeline Technology Committee. She served a three-year term as technology editor for the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (JOPERD) and is currently the Technology Chair for the Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (PSAHPERD). Her professional accomplishments include dozens of technology-focused presentations, publications and grants.

A graduate of Pennridge High School, in Perkasie, PA, Dr. Leight has served as director of the Highland Park Youth Camp, in Sellersville, PA, since 1993. She is an avid Philadelphia sports fan and retired fast-pitch softball player. 

Under Courses:

Current Courses (Fall)
PE 202 Technology for Physical Education Teacher Education
PE 270 Psychological/Sociological Bases of Sport

Current Courses (Spring)
PE 202 Technology for Physical Education Teacher Education
PE 369 Philosophy and Psychology of Coaching
PE 166 Coaching Practicum

Current Courses (Summer)
PE 301 Sports Officiating
PE 166 Coaching Practicum

All Courses Taught:
PE 110 Strength and Resistance Training
PE 118 Basketball
PE 141 Personal Physical Fitness (Walk/Jog, Swim, Fitness Center)
PE 145 Softball
PE 154 Beginning Volleyball
PE 166 Coaching Practicum
PE 173 Teaching of Basketball and Soccer
PE 174 Teaching of Softball and Volleyball
PE 179 Teaching of Archery and Field Hockey
PE 202 Technology for Physical Education Teacher Education
PE 270 Psychological/Sociological Bases of Sport
PE 301 Sports Officiating
PE 357 Territory Activities and Games
PE 359 Striking/Fielding Activities and Games
PE 369 Philosophy and Psychology of Coaching
PE 455 Supervision of Student Teachers
PE 702 Technology for Physical Education (Graduate)
PE 751 Graduate Practicum
INDS 101 FYRST Seminar

Dr. Joanne Leight

Office Location:
115C Morrow Field House
Slippery Rock, PA  16057
Phone: (724) 738-2795

Office Hours:
Monday: 10am - 12pm
10:00am -12:00pm
3:15 - 3:45pm

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