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 Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Club 



PETE Club is the Health and Physical Education majors club at SRU, currently there are about 150 active members, which makes it the club with the most members within the Physical and Health Education Department. "PETE" stands for Physical Education Teacher Education. PETE Club has two faculty advisers, Dr. Leight and Mr. Slautterback, there are also 4 PETE Club student officer positions: present, vice president, secretary and treasurer. PETE Club's mission is to provide its members with service opportunities and educational experiences that assist in enhancing professional student growth.

During the fall semester, all PETE Club members are encouraged to attend the PSAHPERD (Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance) convention, it usually occurs in mid-November, the location rotates every year, from the eastern side to the western side of the state. The PSAHPERD convention helps to provide students with numerous networking opportunities, and the chance to learn about the new and upcoming trends that are taking place in the health and physical education field. In addition to the PSAHPERD convention, PETE Club members are also involved with SRU's homecoming every year, which takes place in October. We usually have homecoming t-shirts made and walk in the parade with our club banner to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Following the parade our student PETE Club members, SRU health and physical education faculty members, and health and physical education alumni all congregate at the SRU Health and Physical Education Alumni tent at Thompson stadium before the annual homecoming football game to socialize and reconnect.

During the spring semester PETE Club hosts an annual SRUAHPERD Mini-convention, it always takes place on the third Wednesday in April in the SRU Morrow field house. This convention gives our student members the chance to improve their professional and leadership skills by organizing program sessions, acquiring presenters, and they are also able to network one-on-one with some of the most respected professionals in our field on a more personal level. Also in the spring semester, PETE Club members promote an active lifestyle by partnering with the ESS (Exercise Science Society) at SRU to form Pittsburgh Marathon Relay teams, for the annual Pittsburgh Marathon event that is held in the city of Pittsburgh every May.

To receive an SRU PETE Club semester certificate of participation, $5 club dues must be paid annually along with participation in two PETE Club events, these can occur on or off campus.

Current Officers

President: James Garvin, Email:

Vice President: Meghan Wilson, Email:

Secretary: Elizabeth Kolodziejczak, Email:

Treasurer: Yevonne Carlson, Email:

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