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Department of Physical Education 

 Post-Baccalaureate Health and Physical Education Certification 



Students who have previously earned a baccalaureate degree in another major may qualify for initial teacher certification in K-12 Health and Physical Education by completing the prescribed course requirements. Enrollment is initiated by making application and submitting official transcripts at the Admissions Office (will not accept copies). Students who successfully complete all requirements will qualify for Pennsylvania certification to teach K-12 Health and Physical Education. Students who complete a minimum of 36 credit hours may also qualify for another degree - a Bachelor of Science in Education (Health and Physical Education).

Program Requirements (96 credits)

 Physical Education Methods (26 credits)

 PE 152
 Practical Introduction to Teaching Physical Education and Health: 3 credits

 PE 274
 Assessment Strategies in Physical Education: 3 credits (P)

 PE 352
 Secondary Physical Education Teaching Methods (Pictures): 3 credits (P)

 PE 452*
 Teaching Health and Physical Education in the Schools: 3 credits (P)

 PE 468
 Organization and Administration of Health and Physical Education 2 credits (P)

 PE 455
 StudentTeaching Physical Education 12 credits (P)

*Note: PE 152, PE 352, and PE 452 must be taken in sequence.

 Physical Education Professional (22 credits)

 PE 191
 Foundations of Physical Education: 2 credits   (Fall Only)  

 PE 192 
Diversity Issues in Physical Education: 2 credits  (Spring Only)

 PE 202  
Technology for Physical Education Teacher Education: 3 credits

 CDEV 248 
Human Development and Education: 3 credits

 ERS 275  
Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity: 3 credits

 CDEV 342
Educational Psychology: 3 credits

 PE 360 
Anatomical and Physiological Bases of Physical Activity: 3 credits

 PE 383 
Motor Development and Learning: 3 credits


 Health Care Professional Courses (9 credits)

 HSAF 262
Health Foundations: 3 credits

 HSAF 362*
Introduction to School Health Education: 3 credits (P)

 HSAF 462*
 Teaching and Assessment in Health Education: 3 credits (P)

 CPR & First Aid Instructor Compentency 

Note: HSAF 262, HSAF 362, and HSAF 462 must be taken in sequence.

 Physical Activity Theory (27 credits)

 DANC 105
 Dance Fundamentals: 1 credit

 PE 106 
Gymnastics Fundamentals: 3 credits  (Spring Only)

 PE 107  
Aquatics Fundamentals: 3 credits

 PE 141 
Personal Physical Fitness: 1 credit

 PE 241 
Outdoor Pursuit: 3 credits

 PE 242
 Fitness Education: 3 credits

 PE 243 
Movement Education: 3 credits (P)

 PE 356  
Net/Wall Games: 3 credits
 PE 357
 Territory Games: 3 credits (Fall Only)
 PE 358
 Lifetime/Leisure Activities and Games: 3 credits
 PE 359
 Striking/Field Activities and Games: 2 Credits (Spring Only)

* Acceptance to major required

** STUDENT TEACHERS in Physical Education shall be assigned to approved student teaching centers.  Students will not be permitted to student teach in sites other than these centers nor should they contact a district before they have been officially assigned.

Other Requirements for Teacher Certification

PPST Reading Test # 10710 (MIN. PASSING SCORE = 172)

PPST Math Test # 10730 (MIN. PASSING SCORE = 173)

PPST Writing Test # 20720 (MIN. PASSING SCORE = 173)

Negative TB Test

Act 34 Clearance

Act 151 Clearance

6 Credits College Math

1 College Writing Class

1 College Literature Class

Fund. Subject:  Content Knowledge Test # 30511

Health and Physical Education Knowledge Test # 20856

FBI Fingerprint Check


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