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 Health and Physical Education - Leadership in Physical Activity 



The Slippery Rock Physical Activity and Fitness Management program is tailor-made for active, innovative students who want to do their part to pioneer wellness. Experience the difference with this unique and creative approach to education. Right now, our nation’s health is in rapid decline.  We want people who have a passion for wellness and physical activity and want to share that knowledge with others. We take students the extra mile, so they’re ready to teach, lead, manage, and ultimately make a difference in this country’s overall wellness.

Our program lets you take what you love to do and make a prosperous and purposeful career out of it. Imagine a program that gives you both wellness credentials and the guidance to put them to use effectively.

We’re looking for motivated, highly energized students to explore the many untapped areas in the emerging field of wellness. We make sure students are trained with the most current health apps and technologies by integrating the media into the curriculum. Imagine being an expert in adapted physical activity, aquatics, outdoor adventure fitness, coaching education, or fitness management and having the freedom and knowledge to turn that activity into a flourishing business venture. And on top of that, knowing that you’re helping people to get active and stay healthy.

We take wellness to a whole new level. Slippery Rock University, best choice, first choice.

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