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 Adapted Physical Activity Council 




The purpose of the Adapted Physical Activity Council (APAC) is to increase student awareness of and participation in professional organizations, to encourage student involvement in programs related to adapted physical activity, and to provide an opportunity for students to work within a multidisciplinary model based on professionalism, advocacy, and leadership (PAL) guidelines.


Joining APAC is a great way for students to learn more about physical activity for people with disabilities. There are opportunities to participate in events, attend conferences, meet new people, and go on trips. In previous years, APAC students have helped to organize tournaments, direct at Camp Shriver, and attend an international conference in Brazil!
APAC Board

To meet the student APAC Board members, visit the Facebook
page. To learn more about APAC, visit the aforementioned page and e-mail the APAC president Becky Searight

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