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Adapted Physical Activity 

 Frequently Asked Questions 



The Adapted Physical Activity program at Slippery Rock University offers practical experience for students pursuing a minor in APA. Students gain knowledge and skills by working with individuals with disabilities in exercise and fitness programs, while local residents with disabilities learn how to stay healthy by attending APA programs. The Adapted Physical Activity program creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and community!

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What is APA?

APA is focused on individual differences in physical activity that require special attention. Basically, APA is physical activity (sports, fitness programs, recreation opportunities) that is modified for individuals with disabilities.

What is the difference between Adapted Physical Activity and Adapted Physical Education?

Adapted Physical Education typically focuses on physical activity for school-aged individuals in instructional settings. However, Adapted Physical Activity emphasizes all kinds of activity settings across the lifespan. Where adapted physical education may focus on children or teenagers in a physical education class, adapted physical activity includes physical activity for children, teens, adults, and seniors.

How can getting a degree in APA help my job prospects?

Experience in APA can lead to careers in non-profit organizations, fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, public schools, recreation facilities, and hospitals.

What degrees do you offer?

We have a 27-credit minor in Adapted Physical Activity, as well as a new 30-credit Master of Science degree in Adapted Physical Activity.

What do students in the minor typically major in?

Many of our students major in Exercise Science, Athletic Training, Therapeutic Recreation, Physical Education, Special Education, and Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities (CPAD), but students with any major can minor in APA.

Where can I find information about APA's programs for community members with disabilities?

APA's Center on Disability and Health is where you will find resources on local activities for individuals with disabilities. Click the links to the left under "Community Programs" to learn more about our programs.

What is your Mission?

The mission of the Adapted Physical Activity Program is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to demonstrate professionalism, advocacy, and leadership qualities in professional preparation programs by improving the health, physical activity, and wellness of individuals with disabilities.

Named the 2008 Adapted Physical Activity Outstanding Program of the Year by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance!

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