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 Dr. Michelle McCollin 


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Dr. Michelle McCollin

Dr. Michelle McCollin is a faculty member in the Special Education Department.  She received her dual Bachelor of Science degree in African American Studies and International Relations from Syracuse University, NY; a Master's in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Long Island University, NY; a second Master’s in Supervision and Administration from Brooklyn College, NY and a Doctorate in Special Education with an emphasis on Mild Moderate Disabilities from Southern University and A and M College, Louisiana. Dr. McCollin was an elementary school teacher, district staff developer/literacy specialist, junior high school principal and a director of professional development and funded programs (including all special education programs) for District 23 in Brooklyn, NY where she has over 18 years of experience.  She also works as a regional diversity consultant for the NCBI-National Coalition Building Institute as well as advocates for individuals with disabilities through her involvement with the ARC of Pennsylvania and Butler County. Dr. McCollin's research agenda include but are not limited to: response to intervention, culturally responsive pedagogy, literacy and CLD students, transition, advocacy, over representation of CLD in special education.

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