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 New Spring Semester Admits 



You can stay close to home and get an early start on earning credits. Why take Winter Session?

  • Get a liberal studies requirement under your belt?
  • Start out with a strong GPA?
  • Take a class that's already filled up for this spring?
  • Interact with faculty in smaller-sized online classes?

Step 1: Review the Winter Session Schedule of Classes or Master Course Schedule

Step 2: Contact our admissions office to let them know that you would like to enroll in the Winter Session. The staff will make your file eligible to register for Winter Session courses.

Undergraduate Admissions: 1-800-929-4778

          Graduate Admissions: 724-738-2051

Step 3: Register by contacting one of the following offices:

If you are an undergraduate student, contact the Advisement Center at 724-738-2009.

If you are a graduate student, contact the Graduate Admissions office at 724-738-2051.