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 Frequently Asked Questions 



How do I…

1.Request a transcript? Information is available here.

2. Prove that I am attending SRU? Use the attendance/graduation form.

3. Obtain verification of my attendance/graduation? Use the attendance/graduation form.

4.Take classes at another college?

Slippery Rock University provides a number of options for students to take courses at other institutions for transfer back to SRU in completing degree requirements. In all cases, coursework must be approved by the appropriate individuals prior  to taking classes elsewhere. In addition, you must request that an official transcript of coursework taken elsewhere be sent to the Office of Academic Records & Summer School upon completion of the pre-approved courses. Please refer to the forms link provided for each of the following options for additional information:

Transient Student Status

You can take courses at another domestic college, university or community college for transfer back to SRU by becoming a “Transient Student”. When completing courses as a transient student, the courses as well as the credit will transfer back to SRU if you earn a grade of c- or better. Although the grade you earned in the course is posted to your academic record, it is not calculated into your GPA.

You must first complete a Transient Clearance Form outlining the institution at which you wish to earn credit and those courses for which you are seeking transfer approval. You must obtain the signature of your advisor, department chairperson and in some circumstances; the dean of your college or the Director of Retention Services for Exploratory & FYRST students, prior to enrolling for courses elsewhere. For additional policies and procedures as well as a copy of the Transient Clearance Form, check out: Undergraduate Transient Clearance Form.

Study Abroad Student Status

If you plan on taking advantage of the many opportunities SRU provides through our study abroad program, you will need to complete a Transient Clearance Form just as if you were taking courses at another domestic college, university or community college. (See Transience Student Status and the link to that form)

 Please keep in mind that this form must be completed and approved as part of the process of applying to one of our study abroad programs and prior to your departure. Please allow ample time for this process and refer to the Office of Global Engagement for additional information on the application process. Undergraduate Transient Clearance Form.

Visiting Student Status

You may take courses at other PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities for transfer back to SRU through the Visiting Student Program. When completing coursework through the Visiting Student Program, the course, credit and grade transfer back to SRU, thus affecting your GPA at SRU.

Through this program, you may only take courses at another PASSHE Institution and must receive approval to take courses from both your home institution (SRU) and the other PASSHE institution prior to enrolling for coursework. For additional policies and procedures regarding Visiting Student Status as well as a copy of the Visiting Student Form, please check out Visiting Student Form.

5. Have my grades sent to my parents?

Students may have their mid-term and final grades sent to their parents or any other third party by accessing MySRU and updating the “Parent 1 (or 2) Grade Report Address” fields.

After logging into MySRU
·         Click on the Student Self-Service tab
·         Click on Banner Self-Service
·         Click on the Personal information file
·         Click on Update Addresses and Phone Numbers
·         Select one of the Parent Grade Report Address Options
·         Enter or revise the address and <Submit>

For more detailed instructions students should click on the MySRU Help tab on the MySRU Home Page.

6. Change my address?

You may use the Change of Address Form or go through the MySRU portal to update the address.

After logging into MySRU
·         Click on the Student Self-Service tab
·         Click on Banner Self-Service
·         Click on the Personal Information file
·         Click on the Update Addresses and Phone Numbers
·         Click on the address type you want to update
·         After information is entered click <submit>

Please make sure at all times you have an active permanent home address as it is required by the Pensylvania State System of Higher Education.

7. know the differences between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class? Check the Official Policy.

8. Drop a class? Follow the instructions in the catalog.

9. Withdraw from a class? Follow the instructions in the catalog.

10. Use MySRU? Visit the MySRU Help Website

11. Interpret MyRock Audit Report Check the MyRockAudit guide

12. Order My Rock Audit Report? Undergraduates may order a My Rock Audit Report on MySRU. Audits are not available for Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Students. If you need assistance reading/interpreting your My Rock Audit, help can be found at the MyRockAudit Guide

13. Get my Registration Personal Identification Number (RPIN)

Undergraduate, degree-seeking students must meet with their academic advisor to review their plan of study, receive their Registration PIN (RPIN) and complete a registration form/worksheet before accessing MySRU to register. RPINs are not needed in the summer. Post-Baccalaureate and graduate students do not need RPINs to register during any semester/term.

14. Calculate my overall GPA? Follow the GPA Calculation Guide

15. Change of major?

Forms for changing majors may be obtained in the offices of the deans, Academic Records and Summer School, or departments. Student are reminded that they must meet the major requirements that are in effect at the time they declare a new major. A department chairperson signature is required for the major change to be made. (click here for on-line 1st Major Declaration form.)

16. Add a minor or second major?

Students desiring to earn a double major or to add an academic minor field of study should first seek advisement from the specific academic departments that would be involved. This takes place normally after the freshman year.

While only one degree will be granted to graduating student, both academic majors and/or minors will appear on the transcript. Double majors normally require more than the 120 semester hours minimum.

A minor is a set of courses that meets specific guidelines and is designed to allow a sub-major concentration in an academic discipline or in a specific area within a discipline. Unlike a specialization or a concentration, the minor is recorded on the student’s transcript.

Students cannon major and minor in the same discipline/academic area. For example, they cannot major and minor in geography, but they can major in geography and minor in cartography.

Students wishing to declare a second major or minor, must complete the appropriate form which is available in the Office of Academic Records and Summer School or on the forms page. Once a student has graduated, he/she may not add another major, minor or specialization to his/her undergraduate record. A department chairperson signature is required for each of the forms to be processed.

17. Get credit for AP Classes? Follow the guide in the catalog.

18. Get credit for CLEP exams? Follow this guide.

19. Get credit for military experience / classes? Follow this guide in the catalog.

20. Withdraw from the university?

Once the decision has been made to withdraw from the University, the student must secure a withdrawal form. These forms are located throughout campus as well as in the office of academic records and summer school and the office of retention services. The student is to fill out section one of the form. Section two will indicate with whom the student needs to meet to conclude the process. Once the student has been interviewed, the process of withdrawal is complete. The withdrawal date is considered the date of the exit interview, not necessarily the last dat of class attendance. Contact the off ice of retention services at 724-738-2011 for additional information.

Unless suitable proof is submitted, students not living on campus will be withdrawn on the day their withdrawal form is completed and returned, not the day they claim they last attended classes. Students resising on campus will be withdrawn from the university either on the day they move out of the residence hall, stop attending classes or last use their meal plan, whichever date is latest.

Students who have left the university for whatever reason and for whatever length of time and are readmitted are responsible for meeting all graduation (liberal studies and major) requirements that are in effect the term they are readmitted, not the term they originally entered the university.

*Medical withdraw – if you are withdrawing because of medical situation, please contact the director of retention services at 724-738-2011.

21. Return to the university after withdrawing?

Students who have interrupted their attendance at SRU for any reason, ma resume studies at Slippery Rock University by applying for readmission to the director of Retention Services. This must be done at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester/term in which they wish to enter. Students who have been on academic suspension and are readmitted will be advised of the specific conditions of readmission by the director of retention services. Credit earned at another college or university by a student may not be eligible for transfer to Slippery Rock University. Students must obtain approval from their dean before taking the courses to ensure the transerability of credits to Slippery Rock University. Grades earned as a transient student will not be computed into a students SRU QPA. Readmitted students are responsible for meeting all academic requirements in effect at the time they are readmitted, not at the time they were originally aditted to the university.

*If you are returning to SRU from a medical withdraw, please contact the director of retention services at 724-738-2011.

22. Apply for graduation? Check the Commencement website.

23. Receive ACT 48 Credit? Complete the ACT 48 form and turn into Academic Records.

24. Appeal a grade? Follow the guide in the catalog.

25. Order a duplicate diploma? Complete and submit the Duplicate Diploma Form

26. Change my name? Follow the instructions in the catalog.

27. Register for excess credit hours? Follow the instructions in the catalog.


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