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 Taking Courses Elsewhere 



Taking Courses at Another Institution or Abroad

Slippery Rock University provides a number of options for students to take courses at other institutions for transfer back to SRU in completing degree requirements.  In all cases, coursework must be approved by the appropriate individuals prior to taking classes elsewhere.  In addition, you must request that an official transcript of coursework taken elsewhere be sent to the Office of Academic Records & Summer School upon completion of the pre-approved courses.  Please refer to the forms link provided for each of the following options for additional information:

Transient Student Status

You can take courses at another domestic college, university or community college for transfer back to SRU by becoming a "Transient Student".  When completing courses as a transient student, the courses as well as the credit will transfer back to SRU if you earn a grade of C- or better.  Although the grade you earned in the course is posted to your academic record, it is not calculated into your QPA

If you are planning to enroll in a nearby community college as a transient student please consult the guide for equivalent courses: Community College Equivalency

You must first complete a Transient Clearance Form outlining the institution at which you wish to earn credit and those courses for which you are seeking transfer approval.  You must obtain the signature of your advisor, department chairperson and in some circumstances; the dean of your college or the Director of Retention Services for Exploratory & FYRST students,prior to enrolling for courses elsewhere.  For additional policies and procedures as well as a copy of the Transient Clearance Form, check out: Undergraduate Transient Clearance Form.

Study Abroad Student Status

If you plan on taking advantage of the many opportunities SRU provides through our study abroad program, you will need to complete a Transient Clearance Form just as if you were taking courses at another domestic college, university or community college. (See Transient Student Status and the link to that form)

Please keep in mind that this form must be completed and approved as part of the process of applying to one of our study abroad programs and prior to your departure.  Please allow ample time for this process and refer to the Global Engagement for additional information on the application process. 

Visiting Student Status

You can take courses at other State System of Higher Education (SSHE) universities for transfer back to SRU through the Visiting Student Program.  When completing coursework through the Visiting Student Program, the course, credit and grade transfer back to SRU, thus affecting your QPA here at "The Rock". 

Through this program, you may only take courses at another SSHE Institution and must receive approval to take courses from both your home institution (SRU) and the other SSHE institution prior to enrolling for coursework.  For additional policies and procedures regarding Visiting Student Status as well as a copy of the Visiting Student Form, please check out Visiting Student Application.


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