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 Special Services Equipment and Software 



The Special Services Equipment Rooms

         Special Services Equipment Room      Special Services Equipment Room

The Special Services Equipment Rooms are located in 128 Bailey Library and 105 University Union. You can access the on-line catalog, Searchbank, and other electronic databases with enlarged screen or voice output with the equipment available.

The following equipment is available for students with visual, hearing and learning impairments:

128 Bailey Library:

  • Two Dell Optiplex 960X Computers
  • 24" Monitors
  • HP Laser Printer
  • Zoom Text
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Software
  • Epson Perfection Scanners (2)
  • Maple
  • Kurzweil Reading Program
  • SPSS
  • Minitab
  • Internet Explorer
  • Acrobat Master Collection
  • Tera Term Pro
  • Microsoft Office 

105 University Union

  • Dell Computers equiped with Kurzweil Reading Program and Zoom Text (14)
  • Canon Image FORMULA Scaners (2)
  • Dell Color Laser Printers
  • Epson Perfection Scanners (2)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (3)
  • Sony IC Recorders

A special ID is required to use these facilities.  Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities - 105 University Union to receive an ID and set up a training session.

DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING Speech recognition software.  Available in 105 University Union. 

SMART PENS - These pens are designed to help in the note taking process. The pen records the lecture as you write notes, allowing you to re-listen to lectures at a later time.

KURZWEIL 3000- A powerful way for students who struggle with printed text to access curriculum materials so they can keep up with assigned reading, learn critical study skills, an successfully complete writing projects and test independently.


Office for Students with Disabilities
105 University Union
Slippery Rock, PA  16057
Director:  Linda M. Quidone
Phone - (724) 738-4877
Fax - (724) 738-4399
TDD - (724) 738-4501