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 Taking Summer Classes at a Community College 



The links below will provide information for taking courses at a Community College in the summer.

The Transfer Course Equivalencies Database will identify those specific courses that will transfer back to Slippery Rock for credit. Please verify this information with the Office of Academic Records and Summer School before registering. The information may not be completely accurate.

A Transient Clearance Form MUST be completed and approved by the Office of Academic Records BEFORE registering for classes at another institution. For more information visit the Taking Course Elsewhere page.

Information about Financial Aid for Summer Term. *NOTE this information is for students taking summer courses at Slippery Rock and may be different than the information you need for taking class at a community college.Because students are only eligible for financial aid consideration at their home school, there is not financial aid available to students taking courses at the community college in the summer.  Students should inquire about payment plan options available at their local community colleges.   Many students, however, still find the lower cost of taking summer classes at their community colleges a very affordable way to make up necessary credits or to accelerate their degrees.