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 Exploratory Studies Program 




Many new students (more than 200 per year at Slippery Rock University) come to college with the skills and abilities to succeed but without a clear idea about a college major.

At Slippery Rock University, we welcome the undecided (EXPLORATORY) student.  By declaring “exploratory” as your major choice when you come to SRU, you will have the opportunity to learn about different majors and minors, take self-discovery inventories, and meet faculty and students who will help to guide you toward choosing the best major for you.  Students who choose Exploratory Studies receive one-on-one advisement to help with their individual needs and concerns about choosing a major.

Why choose “exploratory”?

  • Gives you the time to learn more about majors and minors at SRU
  • Allows you to explore your skills, values, interests, and abilities
  • You can work with the Office of Career Education and Development to decide if the major you choose has employment opportunities suited to you and your goals
  • When you do choose a major, you will know your choice is informed by honest self-reflection, thorough investigation of possible majors, and exploration of career opportunities.
  • You can live with other exploratory students as a part of the Explore, Discover, Decide Living-Learning Community.

Contact Information:
Academic Services Department
106 Bailey Library

What’s Coming Up?
Jan 1 - Dec 31 SRU's 125th anniversary #sru125
Sept 17 "W" deadline 1st 5 week classes
Sept 29 "W" deadline for 1st half classes
Sept 30 2nd 5 week classes begin
Oct 10 "W" deadline 1st 10 week classes
Oct 11 Saturday classes held
Oct 12-Oct 14 Fall Break
Oct 14 Professional Development Day



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