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 Roles and Responsibilities 



Roles and Responsibilities

Role and Responsibilities of the Advisor - The Faculty Member

·         Clearly define advisor/advisee responsibilities for an advisee.

·         Become acquainted with each advisee's academic and educational needs.

·         Help evaluate a student's academic abilities (match with the student's selected major) and their education plans (interests).

·         Provide students with current academic information about procedures, policies, and requirements for SRU degree programs.

·         Assist the student in developing course schedules and offer advice on student choices of Liberal Studies courses and electives.

·         Provide their advisees with their RAC code prior to registration.

·         Sign advisees' appropriate advisement forms such as the Add/Drop or Withdrawal Forms when needed.

·         Provide advisees with information concerning alternatives, limitations, and possible outcomes of academic choices.

·         Direct students to available campus resources according to their individual needs.

·         Encourage students to review their academic progress regularly using their My Rock Audit, searching for possible conflicts or omissions.

·         Listen to personal (non-academic) concerns of the advisees.

·         Provide advice about graduate/professional school and job opportunities.


What’s Coming Up?
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My Rock Audit

Ms. Cathy Brinjak
Assistant Professor
Director of FYRST Seminar & Academic Advisement Center
009F Bailey Library