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 Summer Book: Students' Perspectives 



Students' Perspectives on The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Here we have featured comments made by Slippery Rock students who read  the summer book. Many of the students who read the book were inspired by Charlie's experiences as a Wallflower and how the choices he faced are similar to those college students may encounter. The students' comments are a reflection of how this book has touched their lives and they wished to share this with the SRU community, new freshman and their families.

What SRU students are saying about Perks:

“Many students view college as an opportunity to branch out, to have new and exciting experiences and to discover themselves.  Perks has a clear and distinct message to do just that.  I believe this is the perfect novel for students entering college…..encouraging readers to be active participants in life.” -Senior, English Literature major                      

 “This book is a masterpiece that captures the essence of real life.  Students will be able to relate to this book,., some in ways deeper and more personal than we could imagine.  It is all about moving into a new chapter of life and trying to find a way to fit in.” -Sophomore, Art major 

 “I love this book because Charlie inspires me.  He inspires me not to be afraid to try new things.  He inspires me to treat people with respect.  And he also inspires me to open my mind to everything, and never to accept anything at face value.”  -Sophomore, Music Education major                         

 “This is a truly amazing book. It is a fresh take on a student’s life and the challenges that change can present.” -Junior, English Literature major

 “I really enjoyed this book, and it has many helpful tips that could aid freshmen in college.  It talks about tough issues and is written in a different way so that students who are both readers and not readers will be able to easily breeze through and enjoy the book.” -Sophomore, Special Education major   

 “This book relates to moving into college in many ways, even though it tells it through the eyes of a freshman in high school.  It displays the normal college trials such as making friends, losing/or leaving friends, meeting very diverse people, takings drugs and consuming alcohol.  This book is hard to put down.” -Junior, Exercise Science/Physical Therapy major  

 “The content was an easy read and also interesting.  It features all of the situations that a student may face.  Some of the topics presented are ones that new students struggle with as they enter college.  Therefore, this content can be very relative to them.” -Senior, Communication major 

 “This was my favorite, and I believe freshmen will enjoy it just as much or even more because of the attachments the story creates with them.  The experiences they are going through will match many of the characters in the book.” -Sophomore, Therapeutic Recreation/PT major

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