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 Day of the Interview Guide 



Arrive at least 15 minutes early 

  • Make sure to allow extra time if you don't know the area or parking will be difficult.
  • Allow yourself time to read your resume, catch your breath, use the restroom and prepare your mind set for the interview.
  • If you know you're going to be late, be sure to call and let someone know.

Dress professionally and organizationally appropriate 

  • Dress conservative.
  • If fear of over or under-dressing worries you, call and ask the secretary for typical wear of the hiring manager and try to match their level of professional dress.
  • Suits are safest for both men and women; a tailored dress may also be appropriate.
  • Colors in the navy, gray, and charcoal families are best; stay away from pastels and bright colors.
  • Keep in mind the following tips for looking and feeling professionally dressed:
    • Hair should be clean, neat and simply styled.
    • Make sure fingernails are trimmed and clean.
    • Men should be clean shaven.
    • Be sure to polish and clean your shoes.
    • Make sure your clothing is well-pressed and well-fitting.
    • Keep make-up simple, jewelry minimal, and perfume/cologne subtle.
    • See Proper Dress for Interviews for more information.

Bring your resume, cover letter, and references 

  • Your resume/cover letter/references should be printed on good resume paper and be carried in a professional looking folder.
  • If you are in a field that prefers a professional portfolio which highlights your work, be sure to have one available.
  • Be sure to bring extra copies of everything (in the event that you are interviewed by more than one individual), a good pen, and a notepad in case there is anything you want to take note of.

Greet the interviewer with a handshake 

  • A firm, friendly handshake along with a confident smile gives off an initial positive impression.
  • This will serve you well throughout the interview, whereas a negative first impression is almost impossible to overcome.
  • Keep materials in your left hand when greeting the interviewer and at the end of the interview so that you can shake hands without fumbling around first.



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