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 During the Interview Tips 



Be Yourself 

  • Relax and let your personality show while remaining in the bounds of professional behavior.
  • Try to exhibit an attitude of respect and self-confidence without appearing fearful or conceited.
  • Be friendly, warm, genuinely interested and enthusiastic.

Be Positive 

  • Refrain from saying anything negative about past experiences, employers, courses or professors. Instead figure out what was positive about an experience and focus on that.
  • Be "up" about yourself, and if you are genuinely interested in the position, let the employer know.

Be conscious of your body language and posture 

  • Try to sit forward, facing the interviewer, straight in your chair, but without adopting an "unnatural" style.
  • Be aware of nervous tendencies.
  • In general, avoid any mannerisms that indicate tension or nervousness.

Be aware of slang/sloppy speech 

  • Practice speaking without using common slang such as "umm", "uh", "like", "you know", etc.
  • Participating in a taped, mock interview gives you a wonderful opportunity to become aware of any use of slang or sloppy speech.

Listen attentively 

  • Ask for clarification if you don't understand a point or a question.
  • Employ active listening skills such as paraphrasing, summarizing, head nods and smiling to show you are listening.

Answer questions directly and concisely 

  • Use specific examples whenever possible and try to balance these examples from various areas of your life experiences.
  • Avoid both one word responses and long, rambling explanations.

Maintain eye contact 

  • Look directly at the interviewer when he or she is addressing you and when you are addressing him or her.
  • If there are two or more interviewers, direct your comments to all and establish eye contact individually.

Avoid discussion of salary and salary negotiation 

  • Issues of compensation should not be brought up by the interviewee during the first interview.
  • If it is brought up by the interviewer, you should try to determine what their anticipated salary range will be.
  • If your expected salary is within that range you can simply say that the range seems appropriate.



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