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Federal Work Study & General On-Campus Employment 

Any student may choose to apply for an on-campus job whether they are qualified for Federal Work Study or not. Students must find their own jobs by completing a student employment application for each position desired and submitting that application to the student employment supervisor whose name and location are listed on the job description. No student is guaranteed a job.

Regarding Federal Work study, employers are made aware of students who are eligible for FWS and these students are to be given priority in the hiring process. A maximum of 20 per week may be worked during periods of enrollment. The current wage rate is $7.25/hour. Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis for the number of hours worked.  Students must demonstrate financial need as determined by the FASFA to be considered for Federal Work Study. Some, but not all student employment positions are posted on the College Central Networkmaintained by the Career Services office.

Federal Work Study - Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are provided in windows media format for your convenience.  They answer the most commonly asked questions about work study and working on campus.

Question 1:  What is federal work study (FWS)?   

Question 2:  Why do I qualify for FWS?

Question 3:  Does being FWS qualified mean that I am guaranteed an on-campus job?

Question 4:  If I obtain a work study job, will my FWS earnings automatically be applied to my bill?

Question 5:  When and how should I begin looking for on-campus jobs?

Question 6:  What if I do not have a federal work study award, or if my award is very small?

Question 7:  What if I have an FWS award, but I do not want to work this year?

Question 8:  Once I have been offered a job on campus, what should I do next?

Or, for a complete presentation of all of the questions and answers above, please click here.

How to Find & Apply for Work Study & Part-Time Employment 

For more information about finding a part-time position (Federal Work Study, On-Campus, or Off-Campus) see the Part-time Employment Page.



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